The dad hit teen bully says believes he is not a bully himself.


I'm karen mchugh president trump for the second straight year opted out of the white house correspondents dinner in washington dc porn star says when she's about to have sex with the trump let's get this over with median michelle wolf during the roasting instead the president held to get out the vote style rally in washington township michigan we gotta go out and we got fight like cal and we got to win the house so we got to win the senate spring tornado season in the mid west has been unusually quiet this year but that could change by mid week this is a look at wednesday afternoon we're looking at the potential for a big severe weather situation actually monday tuesday and wednesday wednesday i think we'll be the biggest day of it possibly some big tornadoes and we haven't had a lot of that especially here across tornado alley this likely the the big david heading into may biggest severe weather months of the year everybody needs to be watching it closely meteorologist rick rick fox news.

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