White House Correspondents' Association president Margaret Talev defends Michelle Wolf


The one and only bill cunningham billy cunningham the great american good every with me tonight and like so many others i happen to watch fine michelle wolves act white house correspondent's dinner last night disgusting and vile in the city convinced rally perverted whatever term you want to use the first amendment is never an excuse for defamation or for that kind of behavior by a woman by man by anyone frankly i never heard of michelle wolf had you who actually was and i would imagine the comedy listed and want to show up at all because this things become an anachronism and even tonight on the drudge report and the dinner there have been many mainstream journalists who said either either afterwards last night or today that enough is enough with the correspondents' dinner it hurts the press more than helps it but i think it shows us who the press are they represent the viewpoints of michelle wolf toward republicans toward the press secretary toward kellyanne conway toward pence toward trump toward ivanka toward all the republicans are trump whwhether whoever's in the white house these things were supposed to singe but not burn and this thing was way over the top it was defamatory it was crewed the p word is regularly used the f word was used every possible obscene pejorative was used and there was a lot of applause going on in the room so i kind of like the fact that the slap so walked out tonight i think more people should have thought sarah huckabee sanders should have got up and left because you sit there and watch this clown this leftwing hit job conduct a mama shell wolf is ridiculous but she's probably going to become a multimillionaire along kathy griffin maybe kathy griffin and michelle wolf together going some comedy tour is and they're going to sell out according to media accounts on variety kathy griffin who depicted the decapitated head of the president as a new comedy tour coming out that is sold out i would assume after this headpiece after this hit job by leftwing attack dog michelle wolf i would imagine that are netflix series in about three weeks is going to be a hit because there's not part of america that loves any diatribe any acidic vitriol directed toward pants or toward trump.

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