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The changing face of the arizona teacher we take a closer look at the take home pay for teachers after all deductions deductions teachers seeing their paychecks include medicare and social security state and federal income tax chuck essex with the arizona association of school business officials says deductions for teachers are similar for employees and other industries the biggest differences teachers in school districts in arizona and in some charter schools are part of the state retirement system so roughly eleven percent of teachers paycheck goes toward retirement their health insurance costs are also not that different in the last few years the cost of those health insurance broker grams in a lot of school districts have increased but so have they increased in the private sector green south tino ktar news a third day of searching are prescott led to the discovery of a missing tucson man with autism rescuers found twentyfouryearold alphonso salazar around noon today near the camp where he wandered away from on sunday afternoon he is in good condition downtown tempe is getting high marks from retirees according to a national magazine where to retire.

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