Death toll 25 in Guatemala volcano eruption


From npr and wbz you're i'm robin young i'm jeremy hobson it's here now rescue operations in guatemala which continued today after the fogo volcano erupted over the weekend thirty two hundred have been forced to evacuate at least sixty nine people have died and we're seeing horrifying images of the scene here's reporter mark stevenson of the associated press several of the stunning images are the myriad ways in which people died in this rumps and some were burned to death when buildings were set of flame by fast moving flows of lava clouds and then the most terrible thing is that the ashes mixed with water and sent it flows of what appeared to be steaming mud down the river valleys and dan the creeks even reached as far as the capital guatemala city twenty five miles away from the volcano ruediger escobar wolf is a vulcanologist at michigan technological university he's a native of guatemala and joins us on skype ruediger welcome and i just tell us about frago this is what's called a bellwether volcano well frankly it's a very typical strata volcano that has a lot of frequent eruptions it has been active since there are written records standish colonial occupation of guatemala and it and it has continued to the present so it has been erupting continuously since one thousand nine hundred nine and in the last few years since about two thousand fifteen it has had about a large russian per month so it it has had a very high level of activity and that's also partly contributing to this tragedy but when was the last time it had a major eruption are one that is like the one we're seeing now probably in october nineteen seventy four that was probably an eruption of comparable size to what we saw yesterday is this volcano different than the one that we've seen erupting in hawaii yeah it is very different hawaiian volcanoes in this particular case till away i usually produces lava flows in this eruption there were also some explosive events in but it mainly produced lava flows it produces some some ashby very rarely at least from what we know produces this kind of pyroclastic flows which is the deadly phenomenon that caused all the deaths were there any warnings for frago we know that in hawaii they were having earthquakes a lot of earthquakes.

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