Jared Leto’s Joker Is Getting His Own Movie

Double Toasted


What we will work with you got back out you still want to do this choked all right what are your thoughts at warner beverage just green a jared leto standalone joker movie oh now we talking well being as one of brothers president did they did they actually do this this morning literally just greenlee a standalone joker movie and to joker movies three joker movies and development three joke movie different jokers there's jerry does in two of them at under different joker with what's face todd filler the one with the jared leto yeah everything about still thinking leonardo capri oh no fucked up man oh he's getting his own sand because i guess what happened was he threatened to sue warner brothers because he stay promised him you'd be suicide squad for like an hour worse and so he's like you need to make a standalone film so he's producing and starring this is this is glory be great so does move is being made at a black male funding it it's a passion projects in the real joke who would do i mean the real joker real margot robbie or gain their own film of and he's getting his own yes what you're saying here is is where there were there any guess right he's talking about the movies the suicide squad you say anything that they didn't cut there's so many scenes got cut from the movie i couldn't even start i think that the joker we did a lot of spare experimentation on the set weeks florida there's so much that we shot does not in the film you know what they owed is due to joke movie i'll even be on his on his side i think it's terrible because it's just another thing with one brothers trying to create this universe and shit has gone all over article the other one's gonna be starring joaquin phoenix.

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