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Yeah daniel my buddy from she was three years old or two and i was so she was like eight grade we'll fuck outta me and fit like son my buddy daniel dated a girl named heather mathis who went to high school at merrill college for like three years this is weird to me sorry we're soundtrack she moved around could a have been bit higher higher cup plus yeah my now by that just specific part that it was two years ago if they said when he was fifty and that he was lifting skirts like back before he truly hit because that's a lot of these stories come out like the spacey thing which that's a way different disclaimer that's why fucking different but like if i heard you hear spicy did it in the eighties or whatever you like if he did that two years ago i've been like books you're like you know you get caught like you're a fucking supreme hinder god damn what are you thinking is that you know what i'm saying part of getting that elders stopping given yeah he's minute supreme hater for thirty years so it's just like i know eighty euros you don't get cast out wealth bringing out mony right exactly exactly and that's quite literally the issue right you know yeah i wanna do the

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