Kevin Durant, Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


Kevin durant scored thirty four points to lead the warriors into the finals and they'll play the cleveland cavaliers for the fourth year in a row golden state beat houston one on one ninety two in game seven on tnt on the ice the vegas golden knights to game one of the stanley cup final beating washington six four i'm dave anthony fox news radio newsradio six ten weather of sunshine around as we go through the day and temperatures this afternoon tipping out between eighty four and eighty eight on a building north westerly breeze which eventually will send temperatures back into the low and mid fifties tonight and some forties in the outlying areas under mostly clear skies it'll be a cooler day with temperatures in the seventies on your wednesday with sunshine we get back up near eighty on thursday with increasing clouds setting up our best chance of some showers and storms during the workweek looks to be friday afternoon with a cold front moving in from the storm watch nine weather center i'm meteorologist kevin skarupa human trafficking is modern day slavery and it happens

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