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And latin america's largest economy the firm has lost thirty four billion dollars market value since the strike began last week and shortages of food and fuel have shut airports schools and businesses shares in japan display and sharp have fallen after a report saying apple once oh led screens for all its new iphone models next year south korea's electronic times sites unidentified industry officials sports report samsung display has so far been the sole supplier of lead for use in iphones the bank of england is denying a rift with the uk treasury that's after the financial times said deputy governor for financial stability john cunliffe have fallen out with the treasury over concerns it would give away regulatory control after the european union rejected the uk's original proposal how however a spokesman says there's no truth in the idea of a policy split billionaire french businessman serge dessel has died at the age of ninety three he inherited an aviation empire from his father marcel who designed planes in world war one and expanded into real estate auction houses and the media staunchly conservative does so rebuffed efforts by president mitterrand to nationalize the company in the nineteen eighties and fought off restructuring efforts by president chirac ten years later global news twenty four hours a day on air and tech talk on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm deborah mao this is bloomberg thank you a cost cutting economists nicknamed miss scissors is the latest to be asked to form a government in italy carlo culturally says his only aim is to pass a budget and move the country towards new elections early next year the italian economy is still growing public finances remain under control can i can absolutely assure you that a government guided by myself guarantee caution in the handling of public finances calling people richie at least populous leaders however are pushing for a vote in the summer let's get more than managing editor for international and government i in europe the middle east and africa andrew bowden andrew good to see you this morning welcome back from russia here we are elections impeachment calls protests in.

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