Elon Musk brings high-tech charm offensive to Los Angeles tunnel plan


It's twenty one minutes after the hour on this morning jennifer kushinka is here with more of america's first news put in the trump administration will resurrect a reagan era rule that would ban federally funded family planning clinics from discussing abortion with women or sharing space with abortion providers that department of health and human services is expected to announce its proposal today the policy has been derided as a gag rule by abortion rights supporters and medical groups and is likely to trigger lawsuits that good keep it from taking effect south korea says it believes north korea remains committed to improving relations despite strongly criticising soul over ongoing us south korean military drills and insisting it will not return to interkorean talks unless it's grievances are resolved south korea's unification ministry spokesman says seoul expects pyongyang to faithfully abide by the agreements made by the two countries leaders in their summit last month the top us trade officials pouring cold water on the prospect of an imminent breakthrough in nafta talks robert lighthizer says there are gaping differences on a host of issues including intellectual property agricultural access labor and energy the future of trade talks between the us mexico and canada is in limbo as a thursday deadline passed to present us lawmakers of the revamping nafta after a push concluded deal in the past few weeks hawaii's killilea volcanoes spewed ash nearly six miles into the sky yesterday and scientists warn this could be the first in a string of more violent explosive eruptions governor david ige we had an ticipant did that and we had prepared for the event was relatively short lived as you know but clearly the ash and the fallout is still with us residents of the big island who are warranty take shelter from the ash as toxic gas levels spiked if entrepreneur elon musk has his way there will soon be high speed transport tunnels underneath los angeles musk's firm the boring company wants to create tunnels that link up with existing subway lines to complement the system passengers would embark at ground level in two sixteen person shuttles an elevator of sorts which would then join a high speed network that travels up to one hundred twenty five miles an hour musk says for just one dollar passengers could reach.

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