Ebola outbreak in large city 'very concerning'


In washington i'm dave mattingly the world health organization says there's now a high risk of bola spreading regionally from the democratic republic of congo npr's ava peralta says there are fourteen confirmed cases of the virus in the country including one case in a major city outbreaks of ebola in drc are usually easily contained because they happen in rural areas the chief of the world health organization says a confirmed case in the city of more than one million is concerning but he says the global community now has more tools to deal with any poll outb break a vaccine for example is already being deployed in congo more than four thousand doses of the new experimental ebola vaccine arrived in the country this week a house committee will be questioning the justice department's point person on civil rights this morning he is expected to be pressed about a citizenship question added to the twenty two thousand census npr's hansie lo wong reports the government says the question will help enforce the voting rights act many democratic lawmakers are skeptical of that reasoning and they're worried that this question will discourage non citizens from participating in the upcoming national headcount that's why they went to question the acting director of the justice department civil rights division john gore he was invited to testify last week at a hearing but he didn't show up and now he has agreed to attend a foul appearing with the house oversight committee i'm dave mattingly in washington and i'm dave freeman in san francisco on kiki we at five forty three coming up on morning edition in a few moments us wine exports to greater china which includes taiwan were two hundred ten million dollars up ten percent last year and four hundred fifty percent in the past decade but chinese tariffs have fifteen percent put into place after trump put tariffs on steel imports are threatening the export market the export market growth the story on american wine and much more ahead you run an american company you use imported steel and aluminum yellen we had ships on the water with material so we are paying the tariffs but as far as going forward we're kind of in a pause i'm kai ryssdal yes please we would like an exemption trade of a global nature next time on marketplace the financial story of the day in the week on marketplace today at four pm on k q public radio i'm judy woodruff on the next news hour ahead.

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