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Judgment you made you seem to be alone in that judgment you look at previous attorney general's for president bush for president for for president obama justice department officials for president clinton they all disagree with you they say this crossed the line i've heard a lot of what i would hope is that they would by reading the book come with me to october twentieth tell me what you would do i hear critics say this is a clear clear clear double standard you revealed information about hillary clinton you concealed information about donald trump that elected donald trump take a step back and stare at the two cases and the posture they were him the hilary clinton email case was public and the counterintelligence investigations trying to figure out whether a small group of people not donald trump we were not investigating donald trump whether this small group of americans was coordinating anything with the russians we had just started the investigation didn't know whether we had anything so it would have been brutally unfair to those people to talk about it and would have jeopardized the investigation.

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