Washington, 16 other states sue Trump administration over family separations


The komo twenty four seven news center today's supreme court decision upholding president trump's travel ban has sparked outrage and protests one of those rallies was right here in seattle komo's jeff pohjola has more from outside federal courthouse a couple of hundred people gathered in downtown rallying against the five to four decision decision not only attacks the muslim communities but also opens the door to government and court sanction discrimination other ethnic and religious groups or marisha con is one of the organizers the muslim ban as part of president trump's larger unamerican war immigrant families including his administration's incarceration of immigrants and inhumane separation of children and parents at the border the rally briefly disrupted traffic on fifth avenue planned a few counter protesters tried to disrupt the proceedings but bicycle officers were able to keep the peace in downtown seattle jeff pohjola komo news the trump administration is praising today's supreme court decision upholding the president's travel ban attorney general jeff sessions criticizing lower court rulings that attempted to block it very pleased with the outcome today and hope that this goes some way toward ending the practice of the broad nationwide injunctions which in my view gravely threaten the rule of law the executive order mostly targets several muslimmajority countries in addition to north korea and venezuela allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the us as long as they stay in agriculture komo's shoe romero reports that proposals being looked at as part of a broader immigration bill by the house of representatives this week agriculture amendment would grant legal status to undocumented workers for a few years but only if they keep working in fields and return to their home countries for at least forty five days during that time it would offer no permanent residency or allow them to try other occupations if they leave agriculture they must leave the us while some in agriculture support illegal path for undocumented workers to stay in the us others don't care for that path might gambler is with the washington growers league i think that's going to create more of an underground economy of sorts people probably get out of agriculture and do whatever they have to to survive the amendment would also allow farm employers to charge for housing rather than provide it for free to workers as is required by current law see romero komo news state attorney general promise to sue the trump administration over family separations at the border today he followed through on that promise sixteen other states in the district of columbia joined with bob ferguson on a lawsuit it says the administration violated the constitutional due process rights of the parents and children and that the administration's violating federal asylum laws by turning families away at the border the two senators from the north west continue to press the trump administration on reuniting children separated from their parents after being caught entering the country illegally oregon's ron wyden says it's clear the health and human services administration has no idea what it's doing department is scrambling to collect resumes of individuals with experience in child care it's clear that the department was woefully unprepared meanwhile washington senator maria cantwell personally press secretary alex as are on the case of one asylumseeker being held in seatac the secretary promising are putting kids in touch with parents to make sure that happens that that we want to we we're working every parent child want them in regular touch regular community please let me know off line we'll get on that and make sure that that's happening however as our says the agency must be able to prove a percentage before families can be reunited reunited national park service says it made three rescues and a single they over the past weekend on sunday helicopter crew rescued in eighteen year old man from the north cascades national park then they flew to olympic national park to rescue a fifty five year old man who had been in the back country for six days an emergency beacon activated from out rainier were rescued two climbers the superintendent of mount rainier national parks and he's proud of the work the crew did boeing has unveiled a new concept plane it's jet that would be capable of traveling at mach five fast is that that's five times the speed of sound or.

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