Ron Perlman Says He Peed On His Hand Before Handshake With Harvey Weinstein


Founder roger ailes that's one thing but when you find out who will be playing roger ailes you might be scratching your head a little bit we'll farrell no although i would watch that heartbeats now when you when you think of roger ailes he think of kind of a an older maybe dump beer looking guy he kind of looks like alfred hitchcock right would you ever think russell crowe oscar winner russell crowe starring as roger ailes in this series i am going to say although that is not a choice that i would have thought of i can now that it's been announced i can totally see him playing it first of all he's a tremendous actor that he is and second of all i think he can pull off right you'll allow it i will allow it right the interest there's any interest in that movie though concert agreed agreed one hundred percent this project is going to mark his first major us television effort she goes no he started off on a soap opera in australia no called neighbors about three decades ago living it up all soapy down there down under go on that's a austrailia down so you guys know ron perlman how shirk the beast sons of anarchy anarchy he confessed something kind of odd last night on twitter that he wants urinated on his own hand before shaking hands with the now disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein that's that's a strange move yeah so he tweeted did i ever tell you about what harvey weinstein told me to make sure i shook his hand at a charity event so i stopped in the men's room and peed all over my hands and then went straight up to him on the receiving line that's wonderful like other people tried to shake his hand before nope nope i can't take him saving my hand for harvey i mean that's just with the yeah warren p right i like warren g oh i know it just right how do you do it i don't think you please take the rest of the day off allie kevin's face when he said it was peer to scott good all right the academy of motion picture arts and sciences announced yesterday that they're extending invitations to nine hundred twenty eight potential new members so now more people in los angeles will be in the academy that out of the academy pretty much and more people are going to have access to screeners that we can possibly borrow is what i'm saying but this is good it's reflecting their push for diversity so the new inductees come from fifty nine different countries fortynine percent are female thirty eight percent of the group are people of color so that bumps up the membership to thirty one percent female that's up from twenty eight percent and sixteen percent people of color that's an increase from thirteen percent so maybe steps they're doing it all right some of the new members include indicating tiffany haddish emilia clarke timothy shallow kumail nangiani emily gordon all right all right right nothing against that okay kevin will allow it you guys know the new beverly cinema one of the oldest revival houses in the region no it in december of last year i think is when it was maybe worry they closed for renovations and enhancements and i drive by the new bev all the time and i'm like hey you open up i remember when you used to be open goddamn muppet movie well yeah that is my spot i love that place so very much well they have released a statement we would like to thank everyone for their patients while we've been working to get a target date for the reopening of the new beverly cinema if everything goes as planned we are looking at a december twenty eighteen reopening while we are doing a lot behind the scenes work to upgrade the theater rest assured when we reopened you will find the vintage new beverly cinema that we all know and love tell you if i walked in there and they had those like recliners and they were serving food doing all that i'd be mad so it's selling like that at all so i'm excited take your time new beverly see that turned around that i did i wanted you open immediately but now i'm going to sit back and you just you just make it pretty you gone home after the war joe some birthdays for you nick offerman krista donald sean hayes paul thomas anderson and sayer arianna grunge oriented grandy ariana grande oriented arianna guerande grand dry day and that's what's happening thanks allie and your drive home today listen to the commercial free five pm hour random act of helpfulness me so cal helpful honda dealers tomorrow morning at all new kevin.

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