Cleveland Cavaliers covet Kevin Love for next season


Players younger players maybe a future draft pick what do you think about love's relationship with cleveland you can read this several ways one we know that they did inquire the san antonio spurs about the availability of leonard and came away with the impression that they just don't have the assets to trade for a leonard out former finals mvp twenty seven years old so you could say that they tried to shop kevin love in the past perhaps kevin love in combination with the number eight try to get leonard but one that seemed to be an unrealistic possibility they're looking at hold onto kevin love on thursday and they have interesting keeping kevin love on the team next season regardless of whether lebron james decides to come back and put on that cleveland cats uniform once again again kevin thirty years old averages a double double has the ability to play and stretch the defense and someone that if they were to make a trade for another superstar down the line they need that salary cap number twenty four million dollars a year that he's owed next year to make a trade that possible spurs with that the cans with that uncertain future as they head into draft night spurs also have question marks surrounding them they are heading into the draft with their unsettled relationship with collide leonard popovich of course flew to so cal this week to meet face to face something the spurs have been trying to do for a number of weeks finally opt to flight to make it happen are will cain ona make two points first of all with a certain level of success you earn a benefit of the doubt what is it five titles over two decades multiple superstars relying on different star players to win titles at different times throughout your lifetime as a franchise earned some benefit of the doubt if you're asking did the spurs do this to themselves they kawhi no i'm going to trust at the spurs didn't do this to themselves in the same token by the way when i read that in fact the new england patriots did call around about trading rob gronkowski they did make calls to supposed true trusted teams run the league oh who's that the forty niners the titans the texans and how trusted are there by the way it's all getting out but if the new england patriots did entertain trading rob gronkowski guess what i give them the benefit of the doubt you win enough you win enough you get the benefit of the doubt and nobody wins this is going to be shouldn't be controversial but it was at one time this phrase when bob mcnair said you can't have the inmates running asylum he was.

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