Flea-Market App Mercari Jumps More Than 70% in Tokyo Debut


A m tuesday morning right here in hong kong members shot celebrity and i'm bryan curtis we've got an hour and a half to go before we get trading started in tokyo sydney and seoul and then three hours before hong kong and shanghai opened up futures flat australian futures up but for the china markets and hong kong and taiwan could get a little ugly today i ate really trade on these trade tensions boiling over so we'll see with doug krizner he'll step in just a moment but for now the top stories we're gonna warnings from former us treasury secretary lawrence summers says developed countries are not prepared for the next economic downturn and he says central banks should be wary of raising interest rates just because inflation is slightly halt and speaking of hot the war of words between the united states and china over trade is heating up secretary of state mike pompeo pay mike pompeo weighed in today he called china's appeals for more trade openness a joke pompeo was commenting in michigan where businesses would likely be hard hit by a trade war with china in the meantime x commerce secretary carlos gutierrez says that investors ignore trade developments at their peril people are talking about whether we're going to be the trade war whether a trade war is coming make no doubt the trade wars here we are in a trade war and i'm surprised that it's taken the market so long to recognize that gutierrez is currently co chair at albright stonebridge group google investing five hundred fifty million dollars in cash into china's jd dot com that says the us giant pushes deeper into online commerce do companies plan to explore joint development of retail solutions in south east asia the united states and europe while big japanese tech ipo debuts today we're talking here about macari which you might describe as sort of combination of ebay and oetzi startup is already valued at a billion dollars bloomberg's david and glass in tokyo says there's a lot of excitement about it today incites basically says you have about two hundred forty unicorns in the world one hundred fifteen of those in the us seventy in china nine india two in japan this is the other one of the two and i'm sure you haven't even heard if the other one preferred network so it is a big deal here is the biggest tech ipo since line listed about two years ago all right well what we have also is essentially a mixed and for us stocks probably more down than anything else got more from bloomberg's charlie pellett in this wall street wrap it was a mixed day on wall street with the dow and snp lower nasdaq advanced amid the escalating protectionist standoff between china and the united states greg valliere is chief global strategist at horizon investments at some point i think somebody is going to have to cry uncle and i think these terrorists hurt china germany much of the eu more than they heard us so at some point they may relent they may agree to some compromises but sadly we're not there i think this story gets worse before it gets better the s and p five hundred index down five a drop of two tenths of one percent the dow down one hundred three down four tenths of one percent nasdaq off by half a point in new york charlie pellett all right we've got some breaking action and also look at the markets here thirty three minutes past the hour let's get right over to doug krizner in a rebuke ryan to president trump the us senate has voted to pass the defense authorization bill that restores penalties on the chinese telecommunications giant z t e we'll have more on that as we continue here on daybreak asia and energy stocks we were talking about overall weakness in the us equity market energy proved to be the bright spot that we had crude oil trading higher by one point two percent in new york recovering from a big selloff in the friday session we were down about two point eight percent we've got this key opec meeting coming up and producer said to be discussing a smaller than expected boost to oil production wti right now sixty five seventy six so you wanna know what we're likely to face australia in about an hour and twenty five minutes from now i know the.

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