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Targeting israel than any other country and the second was that so many countries or human rights violators on the council itself china venezuela democratic republic of the congo south saudi arabia so that was the idea but as you mentioned this came a day after the human rights chief blasted the trump administration for separating children from their families and called it unconscionable so i think the combination of those things led to the fact that yet another international institution was going to operate without the united states and let me ask you this the united states basically called the council a joke at this point yes i they basically said it's not worthy of its name meaning human rights council and the human rights chief who had called it unconscionable said afterward tip disappointing it's not surprising but given the state of human rights in today's world he said the us should be stepping up not stepping back now there are clearly problems with the human rights council it is sort of the bad boys network but most countries and the united states itself has decided after a hiatus not being in decided it was better to be in the tent and rather than outside the ten ended has played an important role in countries north korea syria men more south sudan pointing out those the human rights abuses there and given the fact that the us has withdrawn from the paris climate agreement the un unesco the education and culture.

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