Noah Syndergaard, Houston and Tampa Bay discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


President's attorney emmett flood canadian police outside of toronto say a blast from an improvised explosive device and restaurant wounded at least fifteen people peel police constable arena yes nick has any information in relation to the incident please contact us the explosion in mississauga took place at the bombay bell hindu restaurant disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein is expected to surrender today with authorities and appear in a new york city courtroom to face charges global news twenty four hours a day on aaron add tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm michael barr this is bloomberg bob thank you sir now five thirty five wall street time bloomberg nbc sports update in good morning to you rob bush got good morning bob mets got their offense from some unlikely spots in the lineup in milwaukee jennings is warming in the bullpen ripped into the gap in left center throws dario limos score it's a to donald for brera fast north on the call five nothing mets blank the brewers to take the first of a four game weekend sets brandon nimmo four for four in the leadoff spot stephen matt's earned the win we'll see if noah syndergaard can earn the win tonight that'll be at eight ten janke were off heading home to face the angels tonight who took their series toronto shohei ohtani expected about all weekend for the halos severino gets the borough tonight yankees are a game back in the east thanks to the red sox folding six to three in tampa bay on the hardwood houston defended homecourt being the warriors ninety eight ninety four pinning back to back losses on the champs in the playoffs for the first time since two thousand and sixteen.

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