The dos and don'ts for an unforgettable engagement

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Yeah he's gone but like i don't know i mean that was pretty wild i don't know what happened but i'm like again it's con yeah i i don't know like he's just been saying wow shit even hate for from said it on like facebook i wouldn't have paid attention to it right because he's crazy i'll look attack his name on twitter to see what people were saying about that when it was all happening but doesn't album or something coming out soon right right isn't he married to kim yeah well that's what i was about to say his mother in law is yeah what's your name chris kris jenner yeah yes she probably told him to wear that head well yeah i don't keep up with the car dash ian but as the time but but she knows what she's doing right for sure as far as business goes yeah okay we'll kind of on that note tapped in his name on twitter when all that i was going on to see like what exactly what's going on and after like so much about like you know tanya yeah offending the leftist you know whatever else and black conservatism and all this all that type of shit halfway down the page there was a tweet from kim kardashian just say like they did a model of my body might perfume bottle out of it here's the picture and it's just like a picture i saw that and that shit crack the fuck up.

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