What experts are saying about the NBA’s Eastern Conference playoff picture


You should have been getting paid either way all right odds for the twenty one thousand nine hundred title have opened golden state warriors five to four right now to win another title houston is at seven to two as are the philadelphia seventy sixers boston at eight two one on my jump on that if i was going to bet anything right now i would bet boston at eight to one kyrie's coming back gordon hayward they've got pick to play with as well they might trade one of those young players you know whether it's tatum or brown maybe make a move there ship out horford and and bring in another big time star they've got options there in boston and clearly they're the team to keep an eye on in the eastern conference as are the sixers i mean you know with embiid and simmons and the recruitment for lebron james has already begun joel embiid and and the rest of the sixers are probably going to throw their best pitch at lebron spider let me ask you this lebron with the sixers next year and let's say they're able to bring jj radic back as well what chance would you give them against the dubs because keep in mind now you're taking a young dominant player like ben simmons off the ball ben simmons not a great shooter i would put them about even they would probably lose robert covington if they if they brought lebron he i mean he's not obviously lebron he's not on the bronze level but he's a really good piece for them that they would that they would lose i would put it about even i don't know like you said how lebron ben simmons would work lebron has said in the past that he wants to play a little bit more off ball towards the end of his career and try and preserve himself a little bit so i can see it maybe working if he really commits to that otherwise i still don't know if they if they would have enough offensive firepower to keep up with the warriors really really good team they would immediately become the favorites in the east but i think warriors and six let's go with that.

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