Chef Anthony Bourdain commits suicide at 61


We're gonna talk about world cup teams tonight do we know nothing about which is going to be awesome are boy rafa goes to his eleven job and vinyl cliff drysdale tonight on the bench also former nfl blair kellen winslow junior arrested for residential burglary how the mighty of fallen lenny dykstra says he was kidnapped now he had nothing to do with it remember when he had the fight with the uber driver so much more happening tonight even word of the capital's parade next week in dc on tuesday very exciting patriots denying reports brady threaten to retire greinke was traded always important to get tom brady news in on the show also mafia very important on this day and ninety nine california cation was released very crucial the red hot ferrelli peppers and the referee news today that my boy anthony bourdain was found dead in france in his hotel suite allegedly committing suicide and allegedly hanging himself in france at some fancy five star hotel now all i know is i have to tell you that i just thought the absolute world of that guy i just i just thought it so was just absolutely the best thing on television i just thought he was fantastic and what a storyteller in a magnificent talent i mean i just thought he was so cool and the show parts unknown was just kick ass in going all over the world party and eating drinking meeting the ball hearing stories and learning about people's customs and beliefs and everything it was just the greatest show ever and he was the coolest dude ever a renegade chef from new jersey leo new obviously made his bones in new york city a guy that had been through quite a lot heroine coke speed balls you name it this guy did it all and some outlived through it and then allegedly kills himself god only knows what was going on inside his head we've had a lot of talk on the show including have a moral rinaldo on about mental health and about mental illness in about manic depression and it's just a devastating thing and horrible loss the spade woman this week this guy board dane hearing that there's more suicides in this country than car crashes per year is staggering news i feel horrible when i saw that news today just literally ruined my day i felt this terrible.

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