Michael Skakel case: Court throws out conviction of Kennedy cousin


Three two nasa space rocket is on its way to mars by the mars lander had a successful launch this morning from vandenberg air force base in california the lander lifted off on an atlas rocket and will land on mars in november once there it will drill beneath the surface and study the planet's interior a seismometers on the lander will measure mars quakes and a radio will transmit the lenders position to earth as mars wobbles on its axis in a stunning reversal the connecticut supreme court on friday overturned kennedy cousin michael skakel murder conviction in the nineteen seventy five bludgeoning death of a girl in greenwich connecticut the court ordered a new trial cbs's tony dokoupil has details forty three years ago fifteen year old martha moxley a popular teenager in greenwich connecticut was found beaten to death by someone wielding a golf club her then fifteen year old neighbor michael skakel was found guilty of murder but a court vacated the conviction because of allegedly shoddy work by skakel's lawyer mickey sherman skakel in his supporters claimed sherman ignored a possible witness in his original trial fifteen years ago a witness would have confirmed his alibi skakel's cousin bobby kennedy junior has stood by him through the years he's innocent i know he's innocent moxley's family says they're still considering next steps it's unclear if the prosecutors in the case will retry skakel after more than forty years new charges are added to the.

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