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With the stories you'll be talking about on seventy seven wabc before boarding marine one president trump speaking to reporters about the russian destination saying it's a witch hunt and then he would love to speak with special counsel robert muller but call the impartiality of his team into question saying it's filled with democrats if you fight back because people say something wrong or they something wrong or they leaked which they've been doing did you fight back they say oh obstruction of justice somebody says something wrong you fight back they say that's obstruction of justice it's nonsense a prosecutor says that more people be charged in the criminal investigation of a cult like group that included former smallville actress allison mack mack appearing at a court hearing today in brooklyn along with keith for a near the leader of the group both are charged with coercing women who joined the organization into becoming sex slaves to investors have reached a deal to majority share of new york city's historic plaza hotel for six hundred million dollars in the new york times reports the buyers are shalala ton founder of the dubai based white city ventures and cameron hakeem the chemo organization a major new york city landlord the deal is scheduled to close june twenty fifth here kristie o'brien with right now traffic putting the break your team dot com traffic center.

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