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ABC's world news this week will begin after this. Are you hiring with? Indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on qualified candidates in an online dashboard. Get started at indeed dot com. Slash higher. From ABC news world news this week. Chuck's Iverson in New York coming up forty, nine questions for the president's clean. Did you become aware of the Trump Tower meeting stormy Daniels payments, no campaign finance violation. So through lawful. Then the president, he North Korea summit. We now have a day and we have a location. Paradise ignites a difficult thing to watch the floor is unpredictable in his own words. Here, maybe I'll have another five years. Maybe I'll be gone before you hear this. People in events that made headlines when world news this week continues. There's a lot coming at you right now, turmoil tweets, an insane amount of chatter. I'm Brad milkey with ABC news and I'm here to throw you a lifeline. It's a new podcast called start here or are experts give you on the ground access to the biggest stories of the day. We're going to give you some context, some clarity among the chaos, twenty minutes every weekday subscribe now on apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast and start here. What did you know about phone calls that Mr Flynn made with the Russian ambassador? What did you mean in your interview? With Lester Holt about Mr.. Komi in Russia. Those are two of the forty nine questions. Robert Muller's special council wants to ask President Trump in a sit down interview according to a document leaked to the media this week, ABC's congressional correspondent MAry, Bruce on what else is in those questions. The list of nearly fifty probing questions. Special counsel, Robert Muller has for President Trump lines of questioning, Muller shared with Trump's own legal team. The list now published by the New York Times and what the president is now calling a disgraceful leak Russian collusion. Give me a break. Trump insists. Molars list has no questions on collusion, but that's not true. The special counsel has questions about Paul Manafort once the president's campaign chairman according to the times, Muller wants to ask Trump what knowledge did he have any outreach by his campaign, including by Paul Manafort to Russia about potential assistance to the campaign. Muller also wants to ask the president win. Did you become aware of the Trump Tower meeting that infamous sit down Don Jr. Jared, Kushner? Manafort in Russians, they were told had dirt on Hillary Clinton much of Muller's list centers on possible obstruction of Justice by the president. The special counsel wants to know what if I were made to reach out to Trump's fired national security adviser, Michael Flynn about seeking immunity or possible? Pardon. And what did Trump mean when he said this about firing his FBI director, James Komi when I decided to just do it. I said to myself, I said, you know, this rusher thing. Thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story N when Trump told Russian diplomats and this Oval Office meeting that firing Komi had taken the pressure off, what did he mean by that? Another question Muller wants answered, what discussions did the president have regarding terminating the special counsel with the release of those questions also came word that the special counsel has warned President Trump's legal team, that if the president refuses an interview, Muller could issue a subpoena ABC news, chief legal analyst. Dan Abrahams says, this raises the stakes, let's say it works its way all the way through the courts. The supreme court then says, sorry, this is a valid subpoena and the president says, well, I don't think so, and I'm not going to show up. That's when you have the real potential crisis. We use this word constitutional crisis all the time. I think that the only real crisis occurs if you have in the end, a real war between two branches of government were one of saying, you can't tell me what to do the president. However, maintaining he's still willing to sit down with Muller despite what his legal team is telling him. I would love to speak. I would love to nobody wants to speak more than me back against my lawyers because most lorries they never picked another. I would love to say, what is it like to sit down with a special counsel's team former Trump campaign adviser. Michael Caputo recently did so, and he's detailing the experience to ABC news, chief Justice correspondent Pierre, Thomas former Trump political adviser. Michael Caputo helped in the early stages of a campaign from Trump Tower says he won't soon. Forget the grilling. He says, he took from two FBI juice and a prosecutor with a special counsel's team three hours. Plus they weren't pulling any punches at at some points in time. I, it got kind of frightening. Caputo says the agents knew so much about his life. It scared him. They know everything here. They know more about what I did in two thousand sixteen than I do, but will the investigators after they're talking about the timing of some things that happened at the campaign and at the convention. I think they're completely focused on collusion. With Russia. According to Caputo, there was a lot of focus on the hack of the DNC by Russian operative known as goussev for and WikiLeaks, which published stolen information. This is his stark assessment on whether Muller's anywhere near done, investigating possible collusion. I'm hoping this end soon, but it sounds to me like they have more dating to do today. Give you any sense that they have anything. I believe that they, they think they're onto something what that is. I don't know. They're not messing around. Caputo, says investigators Pepperdine with questions about his friends. The president's personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Paul Manafort who's been indicted on money laundering charges. The president's longtime friend and advisor, Roger stone. The one thing he says, surprised him from the interview. It was remarkable to me that the president was brought up. Nobody with last name Trump came up at all. Speaking of the president's legal team, there were major shakeups yet again this week with top White House lawyer, tie Cobb telling ABC news. Be leaving having, you know, stay longer than I intended, but believing that the end of this month ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl spoke with Cobb about his departure from the president's team out tie Cobb, the lead White House lawyer dealing with the special counsel replaced by Amit flood who was one of President Clinton's impeachment lawyers Cobb tells me he was ready to leave almost everything that I was brought on to do as Ben accomplished comet employed a strategy of patients with Muller cooperation. Definitely. What is the right move? And and definitely the path that would lead to the quickest resolution. But it was President Trump's newest lawyer, former mayor, Rudy Giuliani who created shockwaves this week when he told FOX's Sean Hannity, that money was not campaign money. Sorry, I'm giving you a fact now that you don't know, it's not campaign money, no campaign finance violation. So they've funneled through law firm. Frontal through over and the president. It. I didn't know Giuliani acknowledging for the first time that the president repaid that one hundred thirty thousand dollars to his personal attorney. Michael Kohn ABC's giancarl with a new explanation from the White House last month. The president, flatly denied knowing anything about the hush money Cohen claimed he paid Daniels out of his own pocket.

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