Federal judge asks skeptical questions on Mueller's authority to bring charges against Paul Manafort

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Invoice at a bus had repeated antisemitic slurs the us israel and the european union also condemned the remarks abbass has issued a rare apology in a statement he said if people were offended especially people of the jewish faith i apologize to them he said the holocaust was quote the most heinous crime in history and he condemned antisemitism but israel's defense minister said the apology was unacceptable he argued a boss had a history of denying holocaust history daniel estrin npr news jerusalem on wall street just before the close the dow is up three hundred thirty two points the snp was up thirty three this is npr a federal judge in the trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is questioning whether the bank fraud conspiracy and tax charges are related to the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen election the charges were brought by special counsel robert muller in court today the judge said prosecutors don't really care about bank fraud they just want to get information from manafort about president trump manafort's lawyers have argued the special counsel doesn't have the authority to prosecute him for actions before the presidential campaign nasa is latest mars mission is set to launch from vandenberg air force base in california early tomorrow morning as npr's joe palca reports the insight mission is designed to study the interior of mars nasa has launched multiple missions to study the surface and atmosphere on mars but the planet's interior structure is a bit of a mystery insight deputy principal investigator sue smart car says to really understand a planet you'll have to know how.

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