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He always has in the back of his mind spain spain obviously with the wealth of of spanish america all of the golden the silver what is the consequence the state becomes more corrupt they know bility declines or false for luxury and de spots rise and this concern about despots rising is is an obsession throughout his life and despotism bred fear not you use the word worry which is sort of nice i'm worried about catching the train it wasn't that was fair it wasn't it it certainly has it's fear fear is the is the principal as richard burke said what is the principle behind a form of government it's fear for despotism and and fear in some ways even fear is too weak it's it's a perpetual worry about your own future and it's a making yourself weak and concerned not living an active life because you so concerned about the potential consequences of people coming and taking your property in your liberty away and did he see the france that he lived in and to be subjected to be a despotic state i mean it was really it was a monarchy he was upset and everything he made all the decisions was not would that come within his a

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