Judge denies bail for founder of alleged sex cult


Wins new york's one and only allnews station wins news time after tone four thirty federal judge in brooklyn denied bail for the founder of that report itself out group who is now accused of sex trafficking and branding women with his initials no bail for self styled self help guru who the feds say was running an upstate sex slave call today relieved that keeping area was denied bail model catherine oxygen burg says her daughter is one of his followers the judge deciding the fifty seven year old is simply too much of a flight risk but retirees attorney says they'll refile the bail application mildly disappointing time in the judge it's without prejudice which is a little unusual also in the courtroom rainier as codefendant former smallville actress allison mack who is also accused with branding starving and brainwashing women to act as sex slaves she's free on five million dollars bond al jones ten ten.

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