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Of seattle where this jeremy grater is at the editor's desk is we take a look at some of the day's top stories of van attack into rondo apparently a man grove into a crowd of pedestrians earlier today and now we have learned the death toll in that attack is up to ten we still don't know the motivation former president george hw bush is receiving treatment in a houston hospital for an infection that spread to his blood his statement from his spokesman says bush was admitted to houston methodist hospital yesterday morning former president is said to be responding to treatment the ninety three year old attended the funeral for his wife barbara bush on saturday komo news time five twenty california maybe a sanctuary for illegal immigrants but support for deportations is growing a new survey out of uc berkley says about fifty nine percent of people who live in the state i believe it's very or somewhat important for the federal government to increase the number of deportations of undocumented immigrants in the state almost half who took the survey say they support president trump's muslim travel ban while sixty six percent of those involved in the survey released last week believe the proposed border wall would not increase security wicca pedia will now let you preview their online content before you actually go down the rabbit hole the find the info you're looking for in one of the biggest changes ever to their desktop format wiki readers will now see a pop up window that provides a bit of additional context for the.

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