Woman hit with defamation lawsuit by doctor over negative Yelp review


Pots on justice think twice before you post that yelp review a woman in new york city is being sued for defamation because she posted a negative review on yelp michelle wien went to a gynecologist for an annual checkup that was opposed to be fully covered by insurance but instead she got a bill for more than four hundred dollars she tells the new york post that the doctor's office was unhelpful when she questioned the charge so she posted a negative review and now the doctor is suing the law is a little muddy on this issue the first amendment freedom of speech gives you the right to post a negative review but the business has a protection against defamation you're not allowed to say things that aren't true you are allowed to give your opinion though you can write a restaurant reviews saying that was the worst meal you ever ate businesses want your feedback but many of them have nondisparagement clauses which you may not even know you're agreeing to when you become a customer with fox on justice hank weinbloom fox news brad teague.

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