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I had seen before is people had tried to say like, hey, I was sexually assaulted. And if it was a girl, they would get taken off missions and whoever they were accusing would resume life is normal that automatically put you in a spotlight. They didn't even have to know to know because there was only a couple reasons you've got taken off the road. And so I had to go the rest of my deployment. I chose not to report it. Who knows? Maybe it could've went the other way, but from what I had seen and didn't think that would be the case instead of just being scared when we were on the road and actually in combat I was scared all the time, and I hated that feeling. It's like, who can I trust and how far can I trust them? Like when you feel like your own people are going to cause you harm. And I mean, you gotta think I'm Dan. And day out arm deployed right now, I don't have a safe place like safe spaces don't exist like that is bullshit. Karen three months left on her deployment sergeant flowers who normally found alternate quarters when they were in camp, hung around in the truck that night after that, she slept with the combat locks, engaged going forward CARA buddied up whenever they were going anywhere. She even asked a friend to stand guard while she was in the shower, something she had never done during the previous two years of her deployments and finally has the longest ninety days in her military career came to an end. She headed back home from Iraq. But the biggest difference between her and most of the other soldiers is that their enemies warrant shipped home with them. My perception of what was safe was ruined that day. It made me second guess people in my chain in command people that I thought I was friends with. We have the saying, fake it till you make it when that's a lot of what I did. I faked being okay until we got home. And that's kinda wanna shit start changing. After wearing Bomba soft for the last few months, they truly have become one of the best parts of my wardrobe. I don't always have to wear socks, but a genuinely look forward to how Bomba socks are going to feel when I put them on. I recently had to take a Red Eye flight and was so happy to have Bomba's on for it. I actually pack them with the flight in mind. They keep my feet comfortable, not too hot or too cold and also nice dry, which is awesome. If you know you'll have the on for twenty hours straight. If you're going to be on your feet all day or doing a lot of walking bombs honeycomb, arch support is a godsend. You know how when you get your feet rubbed and someone squeezes right around the arch, it's like that but gently and all day they genuinely make my feet feel better. Bombs was founded with the mission to donate soft to people in need because you can't donate used socks socks or the most sought after item at homeless shelters. The folks at bombs knew the only way to support their mission was by selling a lot of socks instead of going super cheap. They went really high quality and paid off. So far Bomba's has donated more than a million socks and they're just getting started the Americano which are ankle socks that are just a half step below slippers. Comfort wise quickly becoming my go-to style, simple and comfortable with all the support you need from your socks. The ankle socks and no show socks have little grips on the heel to keep them from sliding. The calf socks have doorbell elastic, so they won't sag. The point is all Bomba socks are designed to stay on your feet in feel new and fresh for a very long time for every pair of Bomba socks. You buy bombs donates one pair to someone in need, and if you purchase the Americano sock specifically, they'll donate a pair to a homeless vet through their partnership with the VA. 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