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It looks like abc is going ahead with that roseanne lists reboot of roseanne is it gonna work ryan i think no i think there's i think it's gonna be all the fans are just not going to watch it's funny but that abc seems counting on it they were like abc really wants to salvage this deal and they were like and then they said something like in the article the analysis was like abc really wants to do something to salvage this guaranteed ratings juggernaut and it's like wait a minute that guarantee reading the star i think they just think it's gonna work without her but the thing is are place here it's going to revolve around as gilbert sara gilbert so it'll be the show will be you know maybe it'll be called sarah or something but it's going to be the same character essentially it'd be roseanne's family but she just won't be in it kinda like archie bunkers place without she was the conservative on the show so they want they want they love the idea the show so they wanna go ahead without the conservative i don't get it but it should go ahead and just call it roseanne less roseanne through it just they have to the thing is you know part of the thing is they got to pay these salaries because the top stars not roseanne of course but sara gilbert and john goodman who would be in the show and then what's the other woman laurie metcalf laurie metcalf they all have guarantees like three seasons or whatever it is maybe two seasons they have a number of episodes they're going to have to be paid for so they're they're thinking like let's do something with them and maybe it'll get ratings but i'm wondering this the whole struggle of the show ryan is they have to find a way to structure the deal that roseanne roseanne doesn't have get royalties from it here's here's my prediction they do a season without roseanne riggings tank they hope america's forgotten they bring roseanne back the following season for the return bigger numbers i

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