Updated: Pope says abortion is 'white glove' equivalent to Nazi crimes


Ford is breathing fresh life into a piece of detroit's past the story from wwe j reporter jeff gilbert ford has already moved it's automated an electric vehicle teams into one historic detroit building it's purchase several others including the centuryold train station navigate research analyst sam apple salmon says ford is essentially taking over an entire neighborhood they've got kind of a black canvas to work with there's a lot of open space there ford will announce its plans at a community celebration on tuesday jeff gilbert four cbs news detroit deathtoll now thirty six from a suicide bombing against a cluster of taliban fighters celebrating a holiday ceasefire officials say another sixty five were wounded pope francis taking a harsh aim at abortion calling it the white glove equivalent of nazi crimes statement made a saturday speech at the forum of family associations gary nunn cbs news it's two five at the bay area's news station kcbs father's day will become mostly sunny at the coast after some morning overcast and drizzle inland it'll be sunny all day long good morning i'm peter finch here's what's happening while the court battle over california socalled right to die continues the two year old law will remain in effect kcbs general lane reports that that's the upshot of an appeals court ruling on friday a court will decide whether california lawmakers overstepped the bounds of a special session when they passed the end of life option act in two thousand sixteen in the meantime it stays in effect but for dr david stevens with the american academy of medical ethics there is no right way to pass such a law twentyfive states last year they propose physician assisted suicide and all of them were defeated some of them in the courts some of them the legislature some of referendums massachusetts for example had eighty percent approval rate and when they had a referendum they couldn't pass it once people earn form they have a different view about this group is suing to overturn california's law attorney john eisenberg defends it saying it clearly defines terminal illness and includes a number of safeguards does the procedure to go through to get the medication many people once they get the medication never use the mirror availability of the medication can be very comforting to people who are worried that they will suffer at the end of life.

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