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Ebola outbreak in congo has started acting local traders who deal with monkeys bats and other wild animals there are concerned the virus could jump from humans to animals the recent outbreak has killed fourteen people more than three dozen cases are confirmed a relationship in canada ends on a sour note there are many great stories of true love this is not one of them it's about eric abramovich who sued is ex girlfriend jennifer lea at one three hundred thousand dollars in damages after she sabotaged his music career by impersonating him abramovich canadian clarinet player had been offered a full scholarship in two thousand fourteen to study with a master at a music conservatory in los angeles and lee didn't want him to leave her so she intercepted his email telling him of the offer then created a different email and his name that she used to turn that offer down he found out years later when he met the master tanya j powers fox news there's a four way tie at the us open the final round teeing off a couple of hours from now pam who sell fox news radio.

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