Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Donate $288,000 to ACLU on Trump's Birthday


At meathead scared he wants to he wants to he wants to be a king and he wants to cut of everything and then michael eric dyson on bill maher's show basically talking about how well you know president trump is trying to pardon his way into the hearts of black folks there too many people you don't know their names because they're nameless faceless to you there are a bunch of people that you continue to to consigned to the dustbin of history and you don't think about them instead of pardoning some dead black people how about some living ones who are here now and but you can't do it individually on a case by case basis the system itself is producing directors and inequality partner ball everyone everybody everybody who's who's african american just got a pardon can't do it on a case by case basis don't look at the specific circumstances eighties apart and somebody who's living at bill margaret really did dallas marie johnson is just last week the kim kardashian friend oops just pardoned them all then we'll know that you're not serious still say what christie teagan had a strong message to share with donald trump and honor of his seventy second birthday the supermodel outspoken critic of the president took to twitter wish him happy birthday before ripping into the inhumane policies of administration and urging her millions of followers to donate to the aclu she donated seventy two thousand dollars seventy two trump's burtel nice and which she husband john lennon their daughter and son also donated seventy two thousand bucks a kid kind kinda catchall cheap donated in their name two hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars to the aclu to say a big i'm sure they'll spend that money wisely stick bleep you to donald trump all right we're gonna take a break here for traffic weather and the news on news radio kk ob are we all know crime is committed at certain hours at least we hope it is and get the get the foreigner ready brandon we got border say what's as well coming up five twenty eight bobby g what's up got an accident this report brought to you by page publishing southbound i twenty five south of bobby foster your backup looks like it's north of rio bravo so expect delays on southbound twentyfive also northbound wyoming at lomas and we also have a crash eightysixth and tower learn how to.

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