Boy Scouts unveil new name: Scouts BSA


The for its charter and insults is opening a second location the chicago tribune says the location at the new impact stadium in rosemont where the minor league chicago dogs baseball team will play we'll be more family friendly the boy scouts are getting a new a name change nope not anymore the boy scouts of america say their flagship program for eleven to seventeen year olds will simply be referred to as scouts bsa beginning february of two thousand nine the new name is designed to be a welcoming sign for girls will start joining the program next year girls are already allowed to be in the cub scouts the organization predicts both boys and girls and scouts bsa warford themselves simply as scouts completely dropping the boy or girl modifier the parent organization will remain the boy scouts of america and the cub scouts the program for seven to ten year olds will keep its title as well i'm tj houdini now time for traffic at three zero three the edens right now out to lake cook sixteen minutes inbound from lake cook to the junction twenty the kennedy out to the junction twenty two to o'hare thirty six inbound o'hare to downtown that's forty junction in thirty eisenhower out to wolf thirty five to thorndale fifty inbound from thorndale to downtown that's a forty five minute trip wolf in thirty the stevenson out to the tristate forty five out to the veterans toll fifty five inbound from the veterans toll that's forty tristate in at thirty dan ryan out ninety fifth twenty five inbound from ninety fifty downtown seventeen and the ramps in both directions from i ninety two northbound roselle road in the schaumburg area close that's because they're they have some power lines down on roselle road next traffic update in fifteen minutes now the closing bell on wall street this afternoon the dow closed down one hundred seventy four points at twenty three thousand nine hundred twenty four s and p five hundred down nineteen at twenty six thirty five and the nasdaq was down twenty nine points at seventy one hundred now news on the hour the half and when it breaks continuous coverage at wlsamcom even more of the steve doll show next.

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