Twitter tells users to consider changing passwords after bug

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Also connected with each other and areas of the cities that they may not have seen in car people spend more than a million dollars jasmine rast owner of roy station coffee and teas and japan town which benefited from the closure of fifth street said events like viva la raise awareness lead you have these little micro neighborhoods throughout san jose it's not just all one big glob of suburbia and it's nice to have something like an outdoor event where people are biking riding their scooters and just like spending time as a family the streets it'll be closed for this year's event will be announced by the city next week the silicon valley bureau why colgan kcbs twitter's urging all of it's more than thirty million users to change their passwords due to an internal glimpse on blog post on their website the social media company says a password storage glitch expose them in clear taxed on its internal systems a company says they discovered the themselves and are implementing plans to prevent this bug from happening again twitter says there's no evidence the passwords were stolen or misuse from the kcbs super micro intel money desk it's moneywatch sponsored by shane company it was a volatile thirsty session on wall street the dow jones industrials had an interest session decline of more than three hundred points but they closed five points higher virtually unchanged the nasdaq and the sp five hundred both fell about two tenths percent hugh johnson of hugh johnson adviser says the indicators he follows still point to the upside for twenty eighteen upside i'm saying somewhere near say eight percent to nine percent which is plenty between now and the end of this year johnson says things look a bit shakier for next year shares of cardinal health took a hit after the company's chief executive said the twenty nine nine fiscal year will be more challenging than previously thought cardinal shares fell twenty.

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