Countertops and Class Action Park


Well it's a fun week. We got a big show ahead today. We're going to be talking about a bunch of different stuff. Our number two. I've got elizabeth gomez. Whose gonna talk about contractors. She's a contractor we're gonna hear her story but caroline you got me into a rabbit hole this week. I'm theme park aficionado. And you sent over this video. This documentary on net flicks about this local theme park in your area. How the heck did they let that happen. Classic action class action park. Oh my god. Yeah vernon new jersey. This waterpark that was created in the seventies about ninety. Six and there were no rules. This wall street mogul basically decided. He was going to create a waterpark up in northern new jersey. And just do it with no engineers no security. He had kids running the park. Oh my gosh. And it's just the story this documentary about how this how we survived. I can't believe we went there and survived. It was crazy crazy. I mean this documentaries crazy. I mean he built a loop to loop type single loop waterslide and paid kids to be his test crash test dummies and would give him one hundred bucks to write it down there and when they lost their teeth orb got hurt or anything else. They clean them up. Kicking backout pam one hundred bucks and it was gruesome really bad and they had all of these brides that like i said no engineers ever certified or look at. He just created them. I mean he had a lot of the guys from. I think disney and a great adventure and all of these theme parks that had sort of been not hired by these places or they were kinda like kicked out. They weren't using much. Yeah they were sketchy and so he had these guys helping. Create this park and a lot of people got killed in a lot of people got hurt which is really sad but the story is just incredible that this even occurred crazy.

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