John Krasinski Responds to Amy Schumer's Joke About His Marriage


Even better than the first one, which blew me away. And then she said, amazing to be in the movie theater. And then she wrote, I've said it for a long time. I think Emily and John have a pretend marriage for publicity. But I still think you should see this on a rainy weekend. And as you know, John Krawczynski and Emily Blunt made a quiet place to she started and he's in in a little, but he directed sure, And this is what I really wanted to like That hyper focused on is the way John Prison Ski responded because he responded to this. Did he get was he? Was he all sensitive about it? Did you get in the dirt? Did he get down there to eat? Punch for punch Na Chris's kids sweating it, he wrote. Thank you, Amy. We're blowing up our whole marriage Got that's good. That's how you do it right now. You do it. Yeah, It's like you. Why would you have this affected Because some people would I mean Martha Stewart is infamous

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