Why Unique People Are More Attractive

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Well this is good news for me. And i'd bet some of you listening. The bbc's says that unique and nonconformist people are more attractive. Bbc futures modern love column set out to learn whether there was one ideal trait one universal standard of beauty that humans select for and which is therefore become dominant over time. But the problem they quickly encountered is that even if a certain traits seems to be near universally desirable for example some researchers have looked back over time from five hundred bc two now and been able to identify the hourglass shape as an idealized figure for women the fact that not every human has those traits seems to work against the selection arguments so if not that then what gives jeanne beauvais and evolutionary biologist at northumbria university who conducted one of the studies on women's waist to hip ratios throughout history told the bbc quote that this preference arose simply because wider hips and a narrow waist communicate that a woman is of a reproductive age but not old and that she has given birth a fewer number of times. One thing that seems to really hold is that traits that are attractive in women are often queues of age and also parody. The number of times she has given birth says beauvais they are really closely related to attractiveness and quotes so attractive traits. At least like that one are not linked to genes and therefore not a form of sexual selection and thus why we don't look the same like some animals and this was backed up by two thousand. Fourteen study led by psychologists said the university of queensland that had straight men and women rate computer generated body shapes of the opposite gender with each body varying slightly in twenty four different areas like hip ratio height shoulder width etc. According to bbc for men choosing women body mass was the first priority with men choosing smaller women. It took a long time. Though for traits we commonly think of as important like breast size to matter at all and like wise waist to hip ratio was only really later

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