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Division chief Ron Thomas says no one in the partner or any of the officers were injured. No word yet on the shooter's condition. Two officers from the San Diego Police Department killed Friday one a wrong way driver hit their car head on on Interstate five in Sanya Side row. Police say the driver who hit the officer's car also died in a fiery crash. Some anxious moments on two passenger jets Friday, a Delta Airlines flight from L. A to Nashville diverted to Albuquerque. After a man yelled, Stop this plane and tried to storm the cockpit. He was restrained by passengers and crew at the Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to D. C ran out of runway landing at Reagan International Airport. Came to a stop in the grass passengers bussed to the terminal. They've begun an investigation into what happened. The Labor Department's May jobs report not as robust as experts had predicted. But President Biden says it's not bad news. No other major economy major economy in the world is growing as fast as ours. No other major economies gaining jobs as quickly as our 559,000 new jobs reported in May. The president says that makes two million created since the inauguration. America

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