A highlight from Harris Takes the Reigns on Voting Rights


Wednesday june second twenty twenty one president biden has tapped vice president harris to fight the voting rights battle in the us. Congress will discuss that plus how that fight may be complicated. As biden starts taking jabs at his fellow democrats and finally the republican party makes some demands about future presidential debates as we see republican legislators across the country continue to try and pass restrictive voting rights legislation that issue voting rights is becoming one of the most profile battles in the country this legislative session. And it's a battle that president biden is now tapping his number two lead. Here was the president yesterday to signify the of our efforts today. I'm asking vice. President harris to help these efforts and lead them among her many other responsibilities with our leadership. And your support. We're going to overcome again. I promise you but it's gonna take a hell of a lot of work. I don't know i'm starting to think if i was vice. President harris and president biden kept giving me the toughest assignments. I'd be like what's up dude but added this now to her plate with immigration. And she's got some truly tough political battles ahead. She's now in charge of overseeing the passage of the for the people act. This is the bill that's already passed the house but is totally stalled in the senate because not even all. The democrats are on board with this bill. Never mind the fact that there's no chance that republicans are going to get on board so this is going to have to be done with all fifty democrats and breaking the filibuster. Something joe mansion has said time and again he simply not gonna do but vice. President harris may not at the end of the day. Be able to get that. Bill passed however she may be the perfect messenger to oversee the fight for it. For the administration remember voting rights are inextricably tied to race in this country. Remember that black women are the most reliable dedicated voting bloc for the democratic party. So here's the first black female vice president tasked with this issue. That is at the very core of this battle for the soul of the country. Our democracy that joe biden ran on from the start and this all comes in the wake of that texas bill that we talked about yesterday where the democrats walked out on the legislature. Perhaps only to prolong the inevitable. One of the most restrictive bills proposed in a state house today. Also today. we're seeing a pennsylvania legislative delegation going to visit arizona to check out that sham audit happening there of the two thousand twenty. Vote the concern. Of course that that arizona process is going to spread to other battleground states. Who will take up these absurd conspiracy theory laden audits and it's worth noting. Pennsylvania state senator. Doug mastery. I know who are near. The capital on january six is actually part of that delegation going to check out the arizona so called audit today. And if all of that wasn't concerning enough new york times reporter maggie haberman a colleague of ours here at cnn where she's a contributor tweeted that donald trump has been telling people that he will be reinstated as president of the united states in august after that arizona audit is completed. Of course that is absurd. There's no possible way that that will happen. But the fact that the former president continues to spread that kind of deliberate disinformation that he knows his supporters. Believe it's that kind of dangerous rhetoric that brought us up to the violence. We saw january sixth. Now here's what else matters today in those same remarks yesterday in tulsa oklahoma president biden as i noted well through a little bit of an elbow towards some fellow democrats clearly. He was talking about joe mansion and kirstin cinema. Give a listen. I hear all the folks on tv saying why didn't biden. Get this done well. Because biden only has a majority of effectively four votes in the house and tien senate with two members of the senate who vote more of my republican friends. He didn't need to name the senators for us to know who he was. Talking about the senator. From west. Virginia the senator from arizona are the two who have stated their opposition to ending the legislative filibuster meaning democrats need to find a way to bring republicans onboard in order to clear that sixty vote threshold to pass legislation or democrats have to find some way to use that budget rule reconciliation to get big bills through with democratic votes alone but when it comes to voting rights. That can't go through reconciliation. So you're stuck between a rock and a hard place joe. Manchin will not end the filibuster. He doesn't support the for the people act. Voting rights bill right. Now there's no path for passage however when jen psaki the white house press secretary was asked about the president's common today whether he was needling those democratic senators. And if that's a wise move or not. She offered this piece of spin. Well i would say. I that if senator mentioned and senator cinema were standing with me here today they're always welcome They would call out their own independent streaks. And that's something that i think they're both proud of. I don't think he was intending to convey other anything other than a little bit of commentary on tv. Punditry let's be clear here folks. The president wasn't just talking about tv. Commentary that's a convenient interpretation that the white house put out. Today of those remarks. First and foremost he offered inaccurate information. Joe manchin and kirstin cinema have voted with joe biden a lot more than they've ever voted with republicans. They voted with biden one hundred percent of the time so his actual quote yesterday was just wrong. That's one problem but let's be clear. This wasn't about tv punditry. This was about showing the democratic base. That he's willing to fight for this top tier issue of voting rights and if that includes throwing an elbow to fellow democrats to put them on warning that they may start feeling the pressure from the white house on down to get in line and do this with all democrats onboard. So be it now. Joe biden may not even want to get rid of the filibuster but he does want to show democrats that.

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