A highlight from #14: Busyness Exaggerated

On The Verge


Good morning and welcome to. On the verge. I am care bradley bringing you these morning messages these snippets of inspiration and stuff. I'm reading ways to remember that the cage is not locked my friend. We have extraordinary capacity to live remarkable lives. We just need to peel away the onion sometimes and take a deeper look at how we're living the patterns our habitual patterns that are no longer serving us a few episodes ago or might might've been last episode. They kind of blend. I talked about psychic weight. And i talked about something specific. I got a bunch of responses from you so i am called to dive in a little deeper. I used this phrase exaggerated responsibility And i got wow okay tell me more. What's at all about. That really rang true. That hurt hit a nerve keira so Today i want to go in a little deeper. And tell you about what i discovered when i started to dig. Dig deeper into exaggerated responsibility. And it's a thing by the way but it's not particularly what i meant so explain further but before we get to that. I want to remind you that these episodes are brought to you by amari global. The mental wellness company murray global is building peer-to-peer networks with their best in class products based on mental fitness mental wellness and the new signs of the gut brain connection and we are bringing products to the world. I am partnering with global and really. My work with them allows me the time.

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