What to Do Before Negotiating Pay


Everybody's searching how to negotiate a salary it's a big search engine phrase and so that's why we titled it how to negotiate but i want to make this clear. It really isn't a negotiation. We don't see companies. There's no trends. There's no data out there that supports that when you get a job offer now we start this high level or very intentional negotiation process really doesn't work that way. Can there be some back and forth absolutely. But by and large the data shows that most companies they have ranged if not a very specific number that they've attached to a position and so there might be some conversation to how badly they want you And how much flexibility they have there could be multiple pieces of conversation around it. But i'm choosing the word conversation on purpose is that's the way we want you to understand this framework. I'm about to give you a conversation. And i would view it as a conversation. Not negotiation two very different postures. Okay so i'm gonna hit the high level stuff here really quickly and again you can get the detail deep dive. it's only an eight-minute read of the article. How negotiate salary at ken. Coleman dot com number. One you've got to research what you're worth. The operate you weren't here is research not tell somebody. Well i'm worth this. Okay great. how do you know what what are you basing that on. 'cause you're a swell guy you're a fabulous gal. That isn't work. So what does it look like researching what you're worth. Hey you got to look at city. State wh-what salary ranges are in your particular region. You've got to look at your level of experience. You gotta look at your training and background. Do your homework

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