Towns, Edwards Stick up for Each Other After Timberwolves Loss to Heat

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While john. You're at the center of a pretty entertaining moment at a press conference. Recently after the timber wolves played against the heat and their former teammate. Jimmy butler can you tell us about the exchange you had with t. Wolves players anthony edwards. And karl anthony towns after that game. Yeah it was entertaining. And that's for sure. Tiffany as people may know. Carla anthony towns and the timber wolves in general have a little bit of a history with jimmy butler. He orchestrated his way out of minnesota. A couple of years ago there was no love. Lost so the timber wolves. Replaying the heat in miami. And it was a kind of renewal of the good tidings. If you might say between. Karl anthony towns jimmy butler kurlansky. Towns are really going at it. And they're gonna call technicals on jimmy. You picked up some of that. Otherwise people listen for themselves until after the game of course we have to ask our towns about that. Where where your emotions running high at that point where we're going through your head is that game came to an end there. It just so happens that he and anthony edwards doing a joint press conference and anthony edwards really kind of stepped in and took the reins mandate grown man. Let me just talking having a regular compensation gagged me me. Y'all come to see us compete. It's no competition. If we not six it was just a really illuminating kind of exchange tiffany because here's a nineteen year old rookie. Who understands that. The veteran right by his side has never been one that wants to engage in the public kind of mudslinging that jimmy butler let many players in the nba enjoy. Doing he always wants to stay above that. And anthony edwards understood. That and said i'm gonna make sure that squash this before it becomes a major thing and he did just that

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