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Ultimately the end of the day. The big thing i like to do is get people out in the field with actual customers to see and observe with her own eyes and ears to me is one of the most powerful underrated secret weapons that you could have. Technology is transforming how we think how we lead in how we win from intervision. This is status quo. The show helping. It leaders move beyond the status quo master their craft and propel their it vision. It's not often. You meet someone and you feel an immediate connection a connection because you share similar backgrounds interests and philosophies why i met today's guest we immediately began calling each other brothers from another mother because of that connection as you know not all relationships are that easy that immediate some relationships take time all relationships take work. I'm your host jeff ton and on this episode of status go. We're gonna talk about relationships and no. Today's guest is not dr phil. We're going to talk about the business relationships. And why they are so fundamentally important to. It leaders across the globe. Today's guest joe to pinker cio author speaker visionary in coach joe is the author of it partnerships a field guide a fantastic resource for it leaders want to build a business relationship management practice from the ground up or rescue a practice that isn't delivering results. Welcome to the show. Joe thanks jeff. It's so great to be here. Thanks for having me on. I'm so looking forward to this conversation because you and i have a similar approach to running. It in that we've valued the relationship side of so much. And i just love your imagery of a field guide so take us on your journey by telling us a little bit about your career. And what led you to the work that you're doing today you know i've been in. It for forty plus years now and started out as a software engineer. Back in the late nineteen seventies so that seems like Ancient times where we wrote code on stone tablets. Would i would assume right before the punchcards since the stone town exactly and i worked my way through management and i work for a really innovative company back in the day. it's now part of f. i. S. it was emini. Bank data services mantovani went through several different name changes but it was owned and started by that bank that banking organization years ago. That leadership team Was super innovative. And they wanted us to be more than it professionals. So they invested assen taught us Some business principles Sentenced to customize class at northwestern and we learn about product management and. So that's really when the light bulb went on for me back in the nineteen ninety s and it made me think differently about my role as an it professional and so i started to manage a portfolio of software products Like you what any kind of product. And so that's where the enlightenment came from. So i started thinking about markets and value and sustainable competitive advantage and things of that nature. And that sort of shaped the way i think about my. It role and my imire ultimately as a cio sabina cio for twenty two years in various companies of varying sizes as well across many different industries including banking and manufacturing and retail And high-tech spent the last almost seven years at a company in charlotte Where were the company built home. Entertainment equipment embedded software

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