A highlight from Episode #541 - Port Partum Depression


Patch point the finger this point if he takes the period policy today. What's up everybody. It's delegion of skanks podcast coming to you from art zoom weekly show Skaggs are all here. I'm your host big joe kherson. Of course we have david smith. What's up everybody and the puerto rican rattlesnake the reigning and defending champs. Still waiting for that contract still waiting. For that fucking contract. Jason analysis louis. J gomez lewis waiting for the contract gomez. That's my new nickname. Yeah but it's spelled with a waiting as j you a. It says louis waiting waiting lewis waiting for the contract. Home as i am here in miami florida Enjoying my time into the andrew scholz podcasts earlier on today. Shot at the andrew shelton akash saying flagrant to. that'd be out on. Friday miami's doped. It'd be awhile it's all opened up. Yeah miami's cool because it's like it's like an aspect which florida but it's like hot people like in a big city and you're like you guys are supposed to be retarded. You guys are supposed to be educated. Miami's always been like the coolest part of florida. And now that florida's the coolest state in america miami's the spot hell added if genus gangs did need to leave to one state. it would be florida. I mean i have a feeling if you look at the map of our podcast downloads. I think we have a heavy base in florida. We do fine but We good there. But i'm in florida. I like going to a man. I don't like i would never couldn't stay on everything kind of length this time more because you wear hoodies year round. Yes the hoodie. Climate does not help you know massively in control of this in the discomfort you feel in florida. You're miami wearing hoodie as we speak dude. I wear a hoodie on. Anderson's pocket and i. It was ridiculous. Like i got out of the cabin sweltering but everywhere you go the air conditioning blasting so i walk in with like a just like a layer of sweat on a walking

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