Sen. Ted Cruz Schools the Media on the Need for New Voting Rights Bill


The media want to know about the voting rights building the poll, the poll people support changes in support for voting rights and so forth. Here's our man. Ted Cruz. Cut 10 Hat Tip C Span goat. You talked about how this was a show of force. One of the reasons is the press coverage so far of this bill. Has been virtually non existent. You're right. If you do polling on do you support protecting the right to vote? I'm amazed that's not 100%. Protecting the right to vote is a wonderful thing. You know if you also do polling on do you support the fuzzy kittens and puppy law? That has really good support in the polls, too, If you actually asked people about what is in this bill, It is incredibly unpopular. Democrats don't want to talk about getting rid of voter ID. Because 70 to 80% of Americans supported a majority of Democrats supported a majority of African American support it. I don't want to talk about that Democrats don't want to talk about getting rid of the ballot harvesting laws. Because people recognize that invites corruption When you have ballot harvesting, you get a paid operative from the DNC. Who goes in to say, a nursing home. And collects dozens or hundreds of ballots, some of whom some of which are from people who may not be competent to vote. And the reason it invites fraud is are sitting right there. And if that person votes the wrong way. There's nothing to stop but unscrupulous operative from just throwing that ballot in the trash can and only mailing in the votes that vote the way they want. That's why Jimmy Carter. Said. Ballot harvesting invites voter fraud and Jimmy Carter also said Along with James Baker, believe 15 or so years ago. That these mail drop voting activities. A mail in voting activities were highly susceptible to fraud. Of course, the media know all this. The media know all this and don't give a damn

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