Montreal Canadiens Interim Coach Dominique Ducharme Tests Positive for COVID-19


The storyline and the lead for this game three is no Dominique Ducharme. The interim head coach for the Montreal Canadians testing positive for Covid on a test that was administered yesterday in Vegas That was reiterated by a follow up test earlier this afternoon in Montreal. How big of an effect or any effect? Do you expect that to have on this hockey game? You know what? I'm just going back to when I played? You know what All the preparation is done before the game starts. It's done. You know what your responsibilities are now again enter game. I think Luke Richardson, who will be taking over his head coach, he will have decisions to make as far as Do you change the aggressiveness of your four check when you have a lead when you're trailing, Do you become more? You make those system changes during the game As far as when do you double shift the line? Well, that might come into his mind. Maybe he'll do it differently. Ducharme. Each guy has different strengths and weaknesses. He might go at it a different way We touched on it a while ago. I think the matchups situations and face offs that doesn't change. I've gone into many games where the coaches said if you're on the ice against the line, you're not supposed to be on the ice against. We've talked about the matchups. Get off. As soon as possible. You know that it becomes automatic. You don't need a coach to tell you to do it. Yeah, As a member of the coaching staff, you know the matchups that the staff wants to have really no big difference there. One

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