How Pro Surfer Tyler Wright Made Her Own Waves

ESPN Daily


Elissa the story of australian surfer tyler. Right has so many layers to it but kirch seemed to come to a head at a surf contest called tweet heads in australia back. In september of twenty twenty. What happened there so to set stage a little bit you know. This was the first surf contest since the start of the pandemic olisa roenick's covered surfing and action sports extensively including the past decade of tyler rights. Career i was called tweed pro in australia. The best surfers in the world are there. We hadn't seen them compete in a really long time and tyler also hadn't been in competition in years. The horn blows for heat and her competitors run out of water and tyler standstill. She takes a knee and brush her fist into the air as the cameras. Pull back on the bottom of her sir fort. She'd written in large block. Black letters lock lives matter was literally the night before. I kinda penn soda on my surfboards. To make sure the spacing was ride and old all fit and discuss. I've never done anything like this full. I am not very odd. See your side. You know like very strategically like pencil. Little ab tyler is a white girl from australia. She had largely been known as someone who was very silent and it was a powerful moment.

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