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Nearly five dozen House Republicans panel letter to the president. I'm Pam Crusoe. Fox News 56. To be exact. They want Vice President Kamala Harris removed from her role handling the southern border. We're coming on about three months now since VP Kamala Harris was appointed as the so called borders are if you will, and still she has not come down here and actually taking a look at the ongoing border surge, which continues to get worse. Every day and what VP Harris has essentially done. It says she wants to focus on the root causes of the migration crisis, talking about the economic situations going on. She recently visited Guatemala, where she announced the formation of an anti corruption task force, she said the U. S is going to give more money, but she had several gaffes with the media when she was asked why she hasn't come down here yet. Fox's film allusion following her foreign trip, vice president Harris said she would visit the border, but no date has been set. The VP will be traveling to Pittsburgh on Monday, where she'll push President Biden's infrastructure plan. Democrats and Republicans have been working on a deal, but differences remain in particular how to pay for it. What we'd like to focus on is finding the dollars that have already been appropriated. But not yet committed and not yet sent out for covid relief, including the P P P program and including some other funds that may very well have been in for unemployment benefits. A number of our states have rejected Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota Democrats are looking to raise corporate taxes. A beloved and cherished member of the president's family has passed away. The Bidens German shepherd champ has died. He had been with the family for 13 years. They have a second German shepherd named Major. Drenching rain is pelting parts of the Gulf Coast. Claudette is still a tropical storm, but should weekend

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