Perspective (MM #3773)

The Mason Minute


The Maison with Kevin Nation. Many will say there's only one side to the news, the truth, but a lot has to do with perspective month or two sides to every coin. When it comes to aging, what matters, what doesn't it's all about perspective, race relations perspective, the sad reality, as much as we want to admit as much as we want to believe truth all comes down to perspective and it's not just about the sky being blue, the sky being orange. But what if you're wearing a pair of glasses that have a tint to them? And you look up in the sky is orange Taliban. Again perspective, in theory there is only one truth in theory. There's only one right and only one wrong, but as we know, there's the gray area in between and a lot of that has to do with perspective. I was thinking about that the other day, when somebody was telling me about something, they wanted to do a job to do and I said, smart thing to do because I wish I'd done it at your age, my perspective was different, it's a very nuanced word. And each and every day perspective, changes a lot of similarity but a lot of different wage.

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